Deck Sotores
Our company can meet all requirements relating to deck stores. These supplies include, for example,ropes,paints,hand tools. All equipment is packed in special boxes ensuring that they are transported with absolute safety from our storage area to the vessel.

•  Safety protective gear
•  Safety equipment
•  Electric and air tools
•  Hatch sealing tape
•  Grinding wheels & Abrasive papers
•  Brushes and mats
•  Ropes and hawsers
•  Marine paint
•  Painting Equipment
•  Hose and couplings
•  Lavatory equipment
•  Pilot’s ladders & gangway nets
•  Rad guards & Cargo nets
•  Rags and cotton waste 
•  Lashing equipment
•  Anchor
•  Chains
•  Pipe and fittings materials
•  Waterproof plywood
•  Bridge equipment
•  Cargo equipment