Marden Electric supply

Marden Ship Supply is a Marine Electrical Wholesaler and at this moment one of the leading companies in the shipping industry.With 25 years of experience in this specific field of business, we have earned an established reputation and are also a trusted partner. Reliability and fulfillment are pillars upon which we have built on. we store our extensive range of products from lighting, batteries, fuses, cables to household appliances

The Products' List:
•  Mercury lamps
•  Reflection lamp lighting fixtures
•  Cargo lights
•  Boat deck lights
•  Flood lighting fixtures
•  Explosion proof lights
•  Marine deck lights
•  Marine water tight wall light
•  All types of lams such as
•  All types of Batteries
•  Complete range of marine water tight Plugs+ Receptacles,
•  Marine water tight rotary swithes
•  Toggle swithes
•  Push button swithes
•  Lamp holders
•  Cello light fuses
•  Carbon brushes
•  Welding cables
•  Rubber cab type cables
•  P.V.C. cab type cables
•  Armoured cables
•  Cable glands
•  Marine water tight junction boxes
•  Bakelite rods & sheets
•  Electric sleeve tubes
•  Avo meters
•  Digital multimeters
•  Insulation test